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Established in 2013, Love Fitness is a boutique online women’s fitness athleisure brand headquartered on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. Offering uniquely designed, aloha inspired high quality workout clothing (leggings, runners, sports bras, tanks tops, etc) at affordable prices — Love Fitness Apparel has become an internationally popular ecommerce brand, especially among women between the ages of 18-35. Our main objective was to help Love Fitness scale online operations and increase revenue.

The scope of work included all aspects of online store setup, multi-channel selling, and use of 3rd party app integrations — to create dynamic and scalable online infrastructure. We were also tasked with managing large scale social media marketing and advertising campaigns by combined compelling marketing content (photography & video production) with a data-driven strategy on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The result was a broadened customer base and increased sales for Love Fitness.


Online Store Setup - We worked with Love Fitness and its family of brands (see Muscles and Donuts) to setup fully functional online stores consisting of: web design, product listings, product details, product photos, email signup, setting up credit card & online payment merchant accounts, shopping cart setup, site security encryption, fraud detection, SEO, etc. This included an active role in regularly updating the portfolio of websites to reflect new product releases and promotional offers. Additionally, we were tasked with revamping the entire website design of Love Fitness, on an annual basis, to create a fresh new look — keeping up with design and technology trends — while at the same time staying true to its core brand identity.

Multi-Channel Selling - We also created additional revenue streams for Love Fitness by setting up 3rd party sales channels (Amazon, Etsy, eBay). These are huge online marketplaces that expanded reach and tapped into new, already built-in audiences. Similar to online store setup — this included product listings and page setup — all done in a way that fully integrated with the native online store of Love Fitness, to create a centralized management system for orders, inventory, and customer service (for scalability).

App Integrations - The final step of creating a robust ecommerce platform is connecting to an ecosystem of utility applications. We researched, tested, and setup a wide range of 3rd party apps that we directly integrated into the online store of Love Fitness — i.e. all systems talking to each other and automatically syncing information between apps. These apps included operational functions such as returns management, email marketing, shipping & order fulfillment, affiliate marketing, customer loyalty programs, etc — all functions being complimentary to the main online store. Adding app integrations is available in all of our ecommerce packages for expanded operational automation.


Social Media

Paid Advertising - We were responsible for the strategic management of an average $250,000/annual advertising spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. As the key performance indicator (KPI) — we successfully achieved a 4X ROAS (return on ad spend) two consecutive years in a row. This involved active management of both short-term and long-term targeted prospecting & retargeting campaigns — leveraging analytics (click-through rate/CTR, cost-per-click/CPC, cost-per-purchase/CPP, and other website traffic and conversion metrics) to make highly efficient data-driven decisions — at scale.

Content Marketing - In addition to paid advertising, content marketing was used to generate organic growth (translation: word-of-mouth online) by consistently publishing creative branded content (original + user generated content) on a daily basis across multiple social media channels — growing the social media audience (followers/customers/prospects) of Love Fitness, and building an actively engaged community in the process. By having a large social media following, Love Fitness has been able to forge closer relationships with customers, and advertise & promote products at a moment’s notice to its global audience.

Influencer Marketing - The final component to the social media marketing trifecta is influencer marketing. Complimentary to content marketing and paid advertising, influencer marketing is another powerful form of amplification. We worked with both large influencers and micro influencers on Instagram with product for promotion and sponsored posts prominently featuring the Love Fitness brand. This included the thorough vetting and recruiting of influencers for the capacity of collaborator and ambassador roles. Influencers are the “celebrities” of social media and have great influence and sway over their audience, and as a bonus, the sponsored content they post typically lives on the internet forever, creating residual long-term value. Suffice it say, influencer marketing was highly successful for Love Fitness in building audience and driving revenue.

Content Creation

We coordinated and created original video and photo content for Love Fitness on a regular weekly basis over the span of several years. This involved seeking out professional fitness models, location scouting, developing themes and styles, scheduling photo and videos shoots, and creating high quality content with strategic brand integration. We produced, edited, and delivered creative content ranging from short form brand videos, product & model photos, product flatlays, and many other forms of video production and photography. This content was then leveraged by Love Fitness to create a consistent brand identity for website branding, product pages, promotional materials, email blasts, social media marketing, and online advertising.

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